Simon Scarr is Deputy Head of Graphics for ThomsonReuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news provider. Simon is responsible for directing information graphic products, managing the team in Singapore and working closely with graphics desks in London and New York on a range of graphics including breaking news, financial data and sports.

He has held previous roles with Reuters as well as Newspapers in the UK, and more recently, Hong Kong as Graphics Director of the South China Morning Post, where he played a key role in transforming the use and quality of graphics in the paper, successfully guiding the team to a number of awards. In addition to team recognition, Simon was awarded numerous awards for his own infographic and data visualisation work.


Awards and recognition

Malofiej - Gold medal (x2)
Malofiej - Silver medal (x3) 
Malofiej - Bronze medals

SND Best of Digital Design - Gold medal for team portfolio, multiple silver medals and Awards of Excellence

SND Best of News Design - Awards of excellence, Information Graphics
SND Best of News Design - Award of excellence, Feature page design

World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers
Asian Digital Media Awards - Best data visualisation (x3)
Asian Media Awards - Best in Infographics

SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence, Information graphics -
Award of excellence (x2)
Honorable Mention

Public events

Hosted workshops and have spoken at numerous industry events including:
Malofiej International Information Graphics summit 2018
SND Hong Kong 2018
WAN-IFRA Information graphics workshops
SND & WAN-IFRA News Design Asia 2015
Digital Media Asia 2015
Digital Media Asia 2014

Have also taken part of judging panels for SNDE/Malofiej and also WAN-IFRA